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Welcome to SlimMinds®

We hope you enjoy your journey as you explore this site and discover the missing links that have been absent from the shape change (weight loss) industry. SlimMinds® is intended to provide a key to your body-shape change desires, and give you tools to apply on an ongoing basis.

SlimMinds® is a mind and body approach to overcoming the mindset or belief that holds you back from achieving long-lasting body-shape change. Imagine learning a 15 minute technique that people have used to change their desire for trigger foods and that will last for as long as you want it to.

You’ll learn psychological techniques for changing your thoughts and beliefs that may have prevented you in the past from successfully burning fat and keeping it off. You’ll have the support you’ve been wanting for aligning your dietary needs with your food preferences. You’ll learn skills to develop new eating patterns to catalyse your shape change and help you realise your life’s goals and potential.

We are dedicated to offering you skills and techniques to help you achieve the changes you want effectively and with ease:

* Old patterns and beliefs
* Old behaviours which are no longer useful
* Old emotions attached to memories

We welcome your feedback.

SlimMinds® is a 6 session group-format Program in which people wanting to change their shape meet for a couple of hours each week for 5 consecutive weeks with the 6th follow-up session about 1 month later. However, some facilitators offer the 12 hour Program in accelerated versions (e.g. over 2 weekends plus the follow-up session) and even as individual sessions. All of these have been found to be effective. The sessions are led by trained and skilled facilitators and many offer supplementary sessions during a Program and refresher sessions after if required. Attending a SlimMinds® Program also has other advantages, such as privileged access to extra materials on this website.

* This Program is not suitable for people suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. 

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Our Tips for Shape Change for 2010!

An almost magical way to help you achieve your goals is by using your subconscious.  Seeing your goals in your “mind’s eye” is like planting them in your subconscious – and success is assured!

Research suggests that the subconscious constitutes 90% of our ability and the conscious mind only 10%. The subconscious is childlike and non-reasoning—have you ever met someone and instantly liked or disliked them, with no apparent evidence?

We have a magnet, which operates 24 hours a day in the back of our mind and does not need logic. Have you ever walked into a shop and something JUMPED out at you? Intuitively? Sometimes if a shop assistant shows you other items to buy, you consciously override the 1st instinct you had. However, it would have been right for you as it was your subconscious which spied it.

The subconscious is very active; it collects information and does not need to know if it is right or wrong. Have you ever had a Eureka moment when you dreamt the answer to a problem or discovered the solution when you were off doing something unrelated?

Again, this is your subconscious working for you. Let’s turn to setting goals in life and tie this in.

Tip 1. Make sure your goal is what you want!
Here are some extra tips to assist the process in achieving your goals: make the decision first. Use visual reminders or pictures of your goals to be achieved- your subconscious notices what is around your house even if you are not paying full attention. Incidentally this can be the very reason some people wonder where all their money goes to – they have all the bills stuck up n the fridge and are being continually and subconsciously reminded of their debt!

Tip 2. Put up visual reminders of your goal/s
Write down your goals. A 1950s study of Harvard University graduates queried students about their ambitions in life and whether they wrote it down. 1500 students were interviewed and while 75% discussed their specific ambition in life, only 3.3% wrote it down. You can guess who achieved their goals when a follow-up study was done many years later.

Tip 3. Write it down. The more detail, the better.
Activate your subconscious when you are going to sleep at night and when you are waking up by thinking of your goals as already achieved. Rather than imagining the image on a movie screen, get into the picture and ‘be’ in the movie. This is associating with the feeling and convinces the subconscious it has already happened – and then it will!

Tip 4. Watch the movie in your mind when you go to sleep – get into the movie and enjoy it!

If you need proof – just try it!

Your Mind Power Strategies for Behaviour ChangeNewly released! Handbook for changing your behaviour – edited by one the Founders of SlimMinds and Chapter 1 written by Peta Stapleton and Terri Sheldon

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